2013 Saab Commander Quiz Combat

In 2013 Saab Thailand announced a Quiz Combat where combatants could win a full day at Defense & Security 2013, fly the Gripen fighter jet simulator and take away Saab merchandise.

It was an opportunity to Thailand’s defense enthusiasts to become a “Saab Commander” by proving their mettle by seeking honors at three different levels: ‘Level Amateur’, ‘Level Professional’ and ultimately ‘Level Ace’.

I was staying in Maui for a year of sea turtle research snorkeling or scuba diving as we tracked green sea turtles. This is how I met Lila Yi, who was coincidentally working in Napili as a model for one of Saab's international corporate divisions. They were doing late afternoon photo shoots on the Napili beach and she invited me to attend. I was struck at how perfect her hair looked even though she had been diving all afternoon. Turns out she was wearing a wig for the shoot. Duh!.

Knowing nothing about wigs, I was stunned how natural wig looked and in a chat with her later learned that she was a fan of Raquel Welch wigs from an online vendor that specializes in wigs. She had several with her and showed me how the cpas were constructed. I didn't realize there were so many different caps constructions ranging from standard caps to monofilament tops/crowns/part line caps which could have a 100% hand tied lace front or none. Two of the wigs had wefted sides and back. One of the wigs had a 100% hand tied side and backs. All the caps had eat tabs that had metal stays that could bend and all had some type of strap that could tighten the circumference of the cap. She encouraged me to try one on after she added an ultra thin hygienic liner and had me put up my hair holding it in place with a headband cap. Then she helped me put on the actual wig. I was suddenly transformed. The style I chose was called Down Time, a lusciously long style with flowing, gently waved layers. The Kanekalon Vibralite synthetic hair fibers really did mimic the look and feel of protein rich soft and silky, natural hair. The color was Shaded golden wheat that had dark roots with dark blondes evenly blended and pale blonde high lights. Folks, it was stunning!! I have a photo of me in that Raquel Welch wig that makes me look so glamorous. I don't know if I will be buying a wig anytime soon, but it was fun trying them on.

During the evenings at the condo rental, all my friends would play the Saab Commander game hoping to win the big prize, but happy if they just won some Saab merchandise. I would occasionally take the Quiz Combat, but I usually had work to do. After a full day out in the field I had pictures to process on my computer and field reports to write. Just a note: several of my friends did win some Saab merchandise.


11 November 2013

Three Thai contestants won the Saab Commander contest and flew the Gripen Fighter Simulator at the Defense & Security 2013

On the occasion of “Defense & Security 2013”, Defense and security company Saab’s Quiz Combat saw enthusiastic participation of over 5000 visitors, 3000 contestants from 72 cities, towns and townships in Thailand.

The Quiz Combat tested contenders’ knowledge of the options available on the battlefield. The battlefield sits on http://www.saabcommander.com. So far, the contest has produced over 75 winners.

Winners chosen by a computerised draw from all-correct answers have won merchandise that ranges from Saab memorabilia to Gripen mementos and a host of other limited edition material.

Three Thai contestants won a flight in the Gripen Fighter simulator.

These contestants were selected from the pool of winners in the ‘Level Professional’ and ‘Level Ace’ and have been invited to the Defence & Security 2013 and given the rare opportunity to fly the Gripen simulator.

“The Saab Commander contest for the Thai people has received very enthusiastic participation from across Thailand and we have today a very strong community of people who have become aware of complex technologies and have a good appreciation of the history of Swedish military technologies. I congratulate all the winners for taking part and answering some tough questions,” says Dan Enstedt, President & CEO, Saab AsiaPacific.

I'm sure the resurrection of at least this page of the original site brings back great memories for a lot of people. Too bad you can't take the Quiz Combat, but it wasn't showing in the site's 2013 archived pages.

The Quiz Combat tested contender’s knowledge of the options available on the battlefield. The Quiz Combat will rank all those who pass the test by their level of all rounded excellence on the field.

The battlefield was on this website.



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